Is A Payday Loan A Catch 22?

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Is A Payday Loan A Catch 22?

We are witnesses that people nowadays live in increasingly difficult financial situations that can be frustrating and mind-boggling. In order to get out of difficult financial situations people reach out to banks and in order to get loans. However, this can be the enchanted circle that you are getting yourself into, and sometimes it can be fairly difficult to get out of one, and is rather easy to get yourself into one.

Getting A Payday Loan

If you are considering getting yourself a low make sure that you will at least avoid getting a payday loan, because this loan is not the best solution for your financial problems. In fact, a payday loan can make your financial problems even worse.

What Does It Mean To Get A Payday Loan?

B3_rbZwCMAEvBbKJust like with many other loans, a payday loan is good for the banks and the loaners, but it is not as good for the people who are getting a loan. Namely, a payday loan implies that you will have to get a loan with very high interest rates, and this is something that you should try to avoid. In addition to that, you will have to pay the Returned Item Fee. If you did not know, the Returned Item Fee is $34 fee that you will be paying each time the loan checks your bank account. This can make paying off a payday loan rather difficult, due to the fact that it keeps increasing and multiplying. Perhaps now you see why it is not the best idea to get a payday loan, and why people should avoid it whenever possible.


How To Get Out Of The Enchanted Circle?

Even though people are well aware that the majority of loans is more suitable for the banks rather than the users, they still somehow fail to see all the disadvantages of getting a payday loan and frequently end up getting one. If you have already got yourself into a payday loan, and now don’t know what you should do in order to get out of this difficult situation, here’s what you should do.


1. Hire A Professional

If you would like to get out of the each and it circle of paying off your loan and paying the high fees at the same time, perhaps you should give up trying to handle it yourself and hire a professional to do it for you. A team of professionals can make it much easier for you to handle your payday loan, and can reduce the costs of the fees you are charged.

2. Handle It Yourself

It is not impossible to handle the payday loan yourself either, you will however have to think about the right way to do it and carefully plan out how you will pay it off.

3. Think Of Other Options

There certainly are numerous other ways to handle a loan, including getting more loans, while this is not something we would recommend, it can still be an option to think of other options which are at your disposal.

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Balance Transfers

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Balance Transfers

Balance transfers are perhaps the easiest way to consolidate credit card debt and pay off multiple balances simultaneously. By consolidating the debt to a credit card with a low interest rate, the cardholder can effectively reduce the total amount of debt that needs to be repaid in the long term. In fact, if a credit card with a zero APR introductory period is used as the main balance transfer card. Then it is possible to completely eliminate interest and pay the balance off with no interest charged.


Unfortunately, there are occasions when balance transfer cards are used incorrectly, causing even more debt rather than reducing it. The following step-by-step manual on balance transfers can help anyone perform proper debt consolidation with a balance transfer credit card.

Step 1 – Finding a Balance Transfer Credit Card

The first step is finding a new credit card that will accept balance transfers at an attractive interest rate and without charging exorbitant fees. The most important features of a balance transfer card are the interest rates charged. Both during and after the introductory period, and the length of the introductory offer. In general, it will be more difficult for individuals with bad credit to be approved for an optimal balance transfer card, but in principle, any card that has a lower interest rate than the existing card will be suitable for debt reduction and consolidation.

Step 2 – Transferring Balances

Some credit cards do not allow balance transfers, while others charge fees that are a percentage of the balance being transferred. It is very important to consider the amount of credit, and therefore the amount of fees charged, that will be required to transfer all existing credit card balances to a single card, as this amount can actually negate the advantage of the lower interest rates.

For example, if a cardholder transfers $1,000 from three separate credit cards to a new balance transfer card, and each balance transfer fee is 3% of the balance being transferred, that equals a total of $90 in fees (3% of $1,000 × 3 balances). The cardholder should ensure the amount of interest saved through the debt consolidation will be greater than the $90 being charged in balance transfer fees. Before consolidating debt to a balance transfer credit card, every cardholder should perform a similar calculation.

Step 3 – Applying for the Balance Transfer Credit Card

After examining all of the above factors it’s time to apply for the credit card. Most new cardholders find it more convenient to apply for the card online or over the phone. However, individuals who need assistance during the application process may find that branch visits are ideal, as the bank agent will be able to answer questions instantly.

Also, instead of applying for several balance transfer cards at once, it would be wise to conduct a thorough examination of each card before applying, to prevent further damage to the credit score in the event of several application denials

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The Advantages of Long Term Loans

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The Advantages of Long Term Loans

Every once and a while, people need larger sums of money. This urgent need can be caused by different personal reasons. Some people decide to save for those occasions and try to have the money already prepared for when they need it. Most of us are not capable of this method or we simply lack the discipline to do so. For example, people decide to buy a house, or a new car, or they require more money to finance some unexpected expenses, such as funerals, illnesses or domestic repairs. Whatever the reason, this type of situations requires money.  Because that   people often turn to banks to borrow the money and they “promise” to return it later. This simple principle is called a loan. We are all probably aware of the existence of loans and majority of people around the globe know how the loans actually work.

Long term loans benefits

Long term loans have several advantages and benefits over other types of loans. Predominantly when it comes to interest rates and the size of monthly installments. Due to their affordable and efficient nature, a lot of people choose this type as their desired method of acquiring additional funds in those moments when money is urgently needed. Long terms means that loans are taken with a maturity date longer than 2 or 3 years. And the maximum range of 25 to 30 years, or even longer.

Any loan which is taken with the intention of paying it back in under 1 year cannot be considered as a long term loan. However, all of those terms and conditions are negotiable, and banks can reach various agreements with their clients. Different amounts can be arranged, and personalized payout dates can be established with most banks.

This type of loans has lower monthly installments because of a fairly logical characteristic. The total amount that has to be returned to the bank is stretched over a longer period, and therefore – smaller. This appeals to a lot of people, since their monthly salaries usually do not allow them to take larger loans and to pay them back through high monthly payments. Lower installments allow them to pay their obligations regularly. But also to lead a normal life and to have money for other expenses at the same time.

Interest rates

Interest rates are also lower with long term loans than with other types of loans. This is also an important advantage of this type of credits. People generally do not want to leave money to the banks. Lower interests mean that less money will go the financial institution in the end. However, banks are doing this for a reason, just like everything else, and lower interest rates come with a price, because banks usually ask a guarantee when larger amounts are borrowed. The guarantee is known as a collateral, and in most cases a house or some other type of property owned by the customer will serve as a collateral. If the client defaults on his payments, his property will be seized. Since banks do not have much understanding and sympathy – clients should be very careful when signing this type of agreements.

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Differences in credit cards

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Differences in credit cards

There are a few important differences between a typical credit card and an American Express Charge Card. Even though both of them can be used to get credit every month and give the holder of the card buying power. They are geared towards different types of customers. Credit cards allow people to have a set limit of credit every month. However it does not require that a payment is made on the full balance. Instead, a credit card holder has to pay a part of the total balance, which can be lower, such as a minimum payment, or as much as the entire balance on the card. With an American Express Charge Card the holder of the card is required that the balance is paid off in full every month.

Types of credit card

The main difference between the two types of credit card does not stop at the basic definition. There are also different intended uses for the cards. Anyone who wants to use the credit card in a responsible manner can obtain a regular credit card through American Express.

These types of people generally have decent credit and want a credit card to use for either business or personal reasons. People can choose between several options so they can find the right credit card for them. On the other handful of people that want an American Express Charge Card may not have the best credit history. Instead, they may be more likely to be individuals who have had some financial trouble in the past.

Having an American Express Charge Card can be a great way to re-establish your credit. People that do not have good credit have found this out over the past 5 years because charge cards are very popular. Many people that choose an American Express Charge Card may not have the possibility to obtain a regular credit card because of problems that can be seen on their credit report.

But they still want to take advantage of using a credit card to purchase things. They may not want to have to pay up front money for an emergency, such as a flat tire. Having an American Express Charge Card can give people the benefit of the doubt with a little bit of short term credit, but without the risks that come with a typical credit card.

Benefits of credit card

The reason credit card company’s do this is because they know that not everyone has sterling credit. Credit card companies want to give people a 2nd chance so they can improve the credit score they have, but without the big risk to the company. Every person that has ever held a credit card knows how dangerous a card can be if it not used in a responsible manner. Letting credit card payments pass without payment are risking paying big fees and eventually large payment penalties. This is the way that a person’s credit decreases to begin with. But the risk is taken away with an American Express Charge Card. People can still enjoy the benefits of carrying a short-term credit card and they do not need to worry about the negative effects that go along with having a credit card balance for several months.

Standard credit cards and American Express Charge Cards also have differences in their limits. Credit card companies offer higher limits for regular credit cards but they may only offer a $500 limit for a charge card. This is another way in which lenders can protect themselves, as well as protect the card carrier from various risks.

That is a good amount of credit card power for people that are trying to get back on their financial feet. Having a lower credit limit people do not have to worry about the trouble they may be getting into by making large purchases and not considering the consequences for doing so.

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Get Fast Payday Loans Via The Internet

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Get Fast Payday Loans Via The Internet

Do you need a fast payday loan?

Now, you can do this via the Internet! You should simply fill in the application form.

Nowadays, financial crisis not unusual. Almost all the people in the world has faced with the situation that they needed money urgently at least once. But, because you should not be in such a situation anymore, they have introduced a service of fast payday loans via the Internet just for you.

Fast payday loans via the Internet can be yours in just three steps?

  1. Fill in the application form to request a loan
  2. Submit your request to them
  3. Your fast payday loan will be approved in a really short period time

Life can be full of unplanned situations that are usually unpleasant. From time to time, circumstances demand fast decisions, which need your money. No matter if the unpredictable situation is the emergency medical aid, scholarship, some minor car repairs, or something else, it can become a big problem, especially if you have no money.

Various sites do business that offers their consumers fast solutions to their problems. Such solutions are fast loans which one can get online. Also, there are short-term payday loans, fast payday loans online and some other options for loaning money. Either when you are dealing with a contract for indefinite or  a definite period of time; have a regular income of cash and a valid bank account, they can give you the money which amounts up to $900.

Quick payday loans over the internet brought you the advantage of:

  • Fast process of approval
  • Fulfilling the application form in a short period of time
  • Electronic transferring of funds to your bank account
  • There queered conditions  covered by simple requests
  • In the end, a large number of customers is satisfied

Without pushing through crowds and waiting in lines at banks and any time one can request their services even from the privacy of one’shouse. A solution to your problems is just a few clicks away because there is no extra paperwork and costs. Additionally ,you should not be frightened of being creditworthy or not. In order for fast payday loans to be released via the Internet, they will not ask you the history about the account or loan previously raised.

You will not regret by choosing their services. After first making the service quick payday loans via the Internet, they have introduced even easier option for loaning money: the service sms-payday-loans for the second time.

Bring wasting time to the end–even today quick loans are available via Internet.

There is no doubt that many of you use the Internet on a daily basis, so using their services will be pretty much easy. They always bear in their minds that the money is essential, particularly at the moment when you have not been in the worse financial situation ever.Because of this they are looking forward to having the opportunity to send you money even today to your bank account. Thus,they will help you in solving your problems as quick as possible. You can reach them everyday, 24/7.

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